The Benefits of Reading Everyday

The results of the study of the level of readership do not give reasons for pride: in 2015, more than 20 million Poles have not read a single book, which is the lowest figure in the history of research, that is, since 1992. We are really bad, because in most European countries the level of readers is more than 50 percent. The advantages of reading books are really very many, and it is worth realizing that we lose when literary works are unused on the shelf.

Enriching your imagination, deepening your knowledge and training your concentration are just a few of the benefits of reading books.

Enriching your imagination, deepening your knowledge and training your concentration are just a few of the benefits of reading books.In the era of the Internet and electronic devices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to refrain from surfing the Internet, and, unfortunately, this is often due to reading books. Social media thrives and attracts even more news, and computers allow us to watch movies, play and read short text forms on different portals that we spend a lot of time on. We have organized more than one social campaign aimed at popularizing reading, but, unfortunately, few could convince. And the benefits of reading books are huge, even gigantic. The book develops imagination, teaches, entertains, gives the value of satisfaction and much, much more…

The more we read, the more we know. Of course, we do not need to read only the encyclopedia, very often adventure books, novels and dramas can also teach us something, convey valuable thoughts. On the market there are many manuals and books of psychological, which can help to solve problems and dispel doubts, as well as to acquire valuable knowledge.

Reading forces us to visualize in our heads the content that we assimilate, and because of this we see it in a way that no one sees them. We create a picture of places, people and events in our heads. We can say that the Director is depicted in the book Mir and on its basis we make a film in our own consciousness. Thanks to reading, we can find ourselves in the world around us, quickly realize different things, we are more aware of ourselves and the world, we take it better and understand it. The Benefits of Reading Everyday can convey different situations from books, in everyday life, usually subconsciously, but thanks to this, we can predict a lot and with several tasks to cope.

Enrichment of vocabulary

Enrichment of vocabularyThis is an undeniable advantage of reading. Tracking sentences in which complex, unfamiliar words or these known but rarely used words appear makes new words sink into our memory and penetrate our language so that the vocabulary becomes much richer. Once a word appears in the publication several times, very quickly fixes. Of course, it is important that these concepts are difficult to understand, and when we are unable to deduce the values from the context – look into the dictionary. It’s a great motivation to learn rare encounters, but also an opportunity to enrich your own vocabulary into words that may come in handy in less formal situations, testifying to our eloquence.

Reading makes us great conversationalists and develops the skills of conducting wise dialogues. Books we can consider as a source of knowledge, broadening horizons and enriching vocabulary. Let’s choose books from different areas, a bit of background history, someone’s biography, psychological books, thrillers and even detectives. Each of them carries different messages and other information. With the help of the book the author talks to us. When we receive this message, we also learn to communicate with others.

In ugly weather, it is much harder to motivate yourself to spend time outdoors, walking or doing sports. Cold season, contribute to sitting at home, and this, in turn, encourages the search for homework. Enough comfortable chair, lamp and a good book to move to another world at any time and spend a cold and rainy evening. Reading is also facilitated by warm days that allow you to sit with a book on the terrace, in the garden or in the Park. Regardless of the time of year and time of day – this is a great way to kill time and monotony!

Formation of self-assessment

Formation of self-assessmentReading develops our knowledge, and the more we know, the smarter and more confident we feel in different situations. It is we who build self-esteem and consciousness to get acquainted with the culture. We are proud to hear about the provisions we have read, because we understand what is at stake. For the best goods and cult novels we open the possibility of talking about them and take care of our spiritual development, and being closer to the culture we feel better.

This is one of the most valuable benefits of reading. Through self-improvement, we train the brain because it has to memorize names, names, numbers, topics and many other details. Sometimes we can’t remember a phone number, someone’s name or surname, but we remember what we read in the book. Why is that? The book gives us complete information, closed and framed some history. This makes it easier for us to focus and be interested in what it represents. We practice concentration, because, to cut themselves off from all around and the attention is directed to pages and offers. Just a short break in focus, and already need to return to the topic, which stopped. Reading the book as it forces us to concentrate. And it also helps to relax and unwind after a busy day.

In recent years, the combination of books with modern technologies, that is, e-books, is in great demand. Although there are people who have to touch, smell, hold a book and can not imagine a different version than on paper, electronic versions have gained great popularity and have almost as many advantages as traditional books. In order to encourage their reading was created all-Russian action to read, providing free access to sold e-books and audiobooks. Knowing a few basic benefits of reading is worth using and choosing something for yourself

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