Day: February 15, 2019

Bloomsday Is a Travesty, but Not for the Reason You Think

Bloomsday Is a Travesty, but Not for the Reason You Think

On 16 June, the Irish people celebrate Bloomsday, the annual. On this day, fans of “Ulysses” Joyce roam the streets of Dublin on the trail of novels heroes-bloom and Dedalus. The celebration was joined this year by Warsaw, which celebrated In the library of the University of Warsaw. The date of the holiday is not accidental-June 16, 1904. the action of “Ulysses”, the most famous novel of Joyce. The writer chose this date because it was also an important day in his life. June 16, 1904. as a 20-year-old agreed on a first date with his future wife and Muse Nora Barnacle. The name of the holiday comes from the name of Leopold bloom, the main character of “Ulysses”.

What is Bloomsday, who was Leopold boom, why the most famous developers decided to celebrate this day?

What is Bloomsday, who was Leopold boom, why the most famous developers decided to celebrate this day?Traditionally, one of the main points of this day is the Breakfast at James Joyce Center, which is played by several hundred people dressed in early 20 costumes. centuries. Among the guests you could see the characters, as if plucked alive from the cards of the team. A similar Breakfast took place in Sandycove, where the action of the novel begins in the Martello Tower, now the Joyce Museum. Then hundreds of people, many of whom came from all over the Island, and several countries, moved to the streets of Dublin in the footsteps of the heroes of Ulysses.

The Bloomsday celebration is not limited only up to June 16. Bloomsday Is a Travesty, but Not for the Reason You Think. For several days additional events are held in many places of Dublin: watching movies, exhibitions, theatrical performances and actions of publishing houses, bookshops. The Warsaw celebration program included, in particular, a lecture by Dr. Tadeusz perom entitled ” the civil imagination of James Joyce” and a speech by Professor Fran O’rourke from the University College of Dublin, with a presentation of traditional Irish songs used in the works of Joyce.

One of the elements of the celebration of the day of bloom in the BOOV is also a multimedia presentation of Emilia Gowin-Pacuły called “Fantasmagorie Leopold bloom”. The author combines photos with correctly chosen bilingual quotations from”Ulysses”. The photographs captured an unusual, collective performance during the celebration of bloom’s Day in 2004 in Dublin, when an attempt was made to recreate the atmosphere of the novel in urban space, together with its characters and individual scenes.

History of the “disgusting” book

History of the "disgusting" bookJames Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born in 1882. in Dublin. After graduating from high school, he entered the faculty of Philosophy at the University College in his hometown and after a short stay in Paris, emigrating in 1904 from Ireland. Since then, he came there only in visitors. He last visited his homeland in 1912. For a long time Joyce linger teaching English in schools in Poli (today Pula) and Trieste, in Italy. During the first world war he was in Switzerland. In 1920-1940 he lived mainly in Paris, where he underwent 11 operations in front of his eyes. In 1940. he escaped Nazi troops to the South of France and then back to Switzerland. He died on 13 January 1941 in Zurich.

The action of the famous work of Joyce – “Ulysses” – takes place in Dublin. On 730 pages of the flow of consciousness technique, the Author describes the events of one day experienced by Leopold bloom and his companion Stefan Dedalus, wandering through the alleys of the city. “Ulysses” was not published in Ireland due to a Church ban until the early 1960s. Until the mid 30-ies. the book was also banned in the Us and UK, and smuggled copies were burned. Back in the early 60-ies. Dublin scribes were proud that they do not have this “disgusting” books in the composition.

The first Bloomsday in 1954. five writers with famous poet Patrick Kavanagh on the front line. Currently, according to Joyce Center, every year several thousand people Gather in Dublin, and the headquarters of the organization is annually visited by up to 30 thousand people. “Ulysses” in Russian, translated by Matvey that you attacked me, first appeared in 1969.

16 June 1954, prominent Irish poets and writers with Patrick Cawang and Anthony Kronina at the head decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the campaign by the name of Leopold bloom through the streets of Dublin. Since that time the day called Bloomsday has entered forever the calendar of the most important cultural events in Ireland.

Bloomsday provides an opportunity for cultural validation

Bloomsday provides an opportunity for cultural validationLeopold bloom, a lofty 20th century Odysseus, and a more prosaic seller of Jewish origin, passed this day in Dublin, which today has not, occupying quite przyemnymi Affairs like to give ads in the newspaper Freeman’s Journal or a visit to the pub. This journey takes place on the cards of one of the most famous books of the XX century Irish writer James Joyce – “Ulysses”.

Those who want to communicate their knowledge about the writer I send in my free time to James Joyce cultural center on Great George’s Street North, and those who want to discover Dublin’s cultural heritage for a walk only on June 16. Novel, not banal and simple, that can offer provided to familiarize themselves with its themes. Joyce’s work belongs to the complex, but also interesting examples of not only the great talent of the literary, but also the extraordinary ability to enjoy the language and the reader himself. Maybe that’s why so many people start reading Ulysses, but it doesn’t end there…

In Joyce’s novel there is no case even the daily date has its own symbolism. On the same day – June 16-Joyce’s first date with his longtime life companion, Nora Barnacle, and the day chose for the duration of his novel. Leopold bloom drives through the streets of Dublin somewhat stuck and torn apart in political disputes. Interestingly, Joyce wrote “Ulysses” while in exile. I never hid my dislike for the capital of Ireland, considering it more a village than a city.

On the other hand, the unusual, almost photographic way that Dublin immortalized in his novel allows only to guess homesickness. The novel provoked a lively reaction from critics at the time of its founding, perhaps hard to imagine, but until 1933 the book was banned in the US and UK as obscene. The journey of a bloom after Dublin, but that’s not all, the real skill of the writer, finishing the novel is the monologue of Molly bloom, the wife of the protagonist. This is the part of the novel considered most important is the writer’s genius.