Day: February 11, 2019

Not having battles, and doing without kings

Not having battles, and doing without kings

Today’s times need to be meticulous thinkers and unbridled story-tellers whose stories contain valid criticism of the surrounding world. The moral authority with a sniper’s precision reveal our desires, fears and, above all, all the sins. Modern storytellers, corresponding to the priority principle: “teach, play”. People like you, the unsurpassed Creator of the Hard World, sir Terry Pratchetta.

Disk world in a nutshell

Disk world in a nutshellDespite the incurable disease (a rare variety of Alzheimer’s), English master pen writes an average of one book a year. With enviable revered and scientific insight approaches to the topic presented (including: racial prejudice, social inequality, ecology or – with a completely different barrel – travel in time and space). At the same time, it does not avoid the correct proportion of user threads with its distinctive feature, exquisite humor.

His unique work is a treasure trove of quotes and life wisdom, so easily transmitted to the faithful readers. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is rightly called “Dickens of the twentieth century.” Meet Pratchetta-a moralist, a humanitarian, a carefully satirist, a raw comedian, and a man of great fun, smart, and at the same time controversial (a loud supporter of euthanasia) – and his incredibly valuable books.

Many warm and sincere words are written about the phenomenal Universe, which in a crooked mirror shows the changes that occur on Earth. In the first volume of cycle World ROM the Creator of “the nation” a lot of space devoted to a detailed description of the phantasmagoric world. According to Indian legends, of which Pratchett drew full handfuls, the disk is almost flat.

It wouldn’t be anything unusual if it wasn’t for the fact that it was placed on the ridges of four giant elephants (Berilia, big T’phone, Jerakeen, Tubul) that, on the contrary, stand on the shell of an even larger turtle A’tuina, peacefully sunk across the infinite Universe. The author regularly reformulated geographical facts about our world. On Disc year consists of thirteen months, and nearly eight days, we have four directions of the world, which are associated with the construction of this particular planet – their names are: axial, rotary, edge, and incorrect.

Terry Pratchett books

Terry Pratchett booksThe beginning of the series is crazy, sometimes, on the contrary, a huge game with fantastic motives. The artist in his characteristic image arranges jokes from the literature of heroic fantasy under the sign of Robert E. Howard and Michael Murkock. Disc Conan the Barbarian is a living man, similar to the breeding of Gollum to Hugh Hefner, the Magi are a bunch of sorokametrovoy biorstw or, as in the case of Rincewind, Not having battles, and doing without kings cowardly fools with more happiness than the mind.

We still have: taken directly from “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare the witches Granny Weatherwax at the head, the questionable watch of the night, the magic, and before that insanely dangerous Luggage, or Death says DEAF, TERRIFIED voice. Pratchett makes this successful revitalization of the restricted flows of popular fairy tales and fairy tales. And so in the “three witches” Royal jester will be elected a new king, and in the “Campaign on witches” Cinderella married a frog. It takes advantage of the current times-in the phenomenal “Wiedźmikołaju” Death will be forced to replace the disc Nicholas, and” Invisible academics ” – a kind of tribute to the complex football shown here, in a very unusual but original version.

Over the years, a skilled comedian began adding new blocks to the fascinating building, seducing a complex, cohesive design. For a true humanist, Pratchett in his subsequent books pays more and more attention to the current Affairs and problems of the social breakthrough of millennia. In “Moving pictures”, we get a satire of the film industry and Hollywood, which (by the way) the author has been openly criticizing in recent years, and” Pravda ” is a conscientious and disassembling of the modern press, and especially the plotkarskich tabloids.

Pratchett in the service of science

Pratchett in the service of scienceThe author of the World of the Disc also condemns all armed conflicts that the expression we find, for example, in the book “Gods, Honour, Ankh-Morpork”. The intricate reality in which side by side occur: blasphemous demons characteristic of the work of Howard Philip Lovecraft, magic in an unusual edition, Prague Golems or creatures, stylized works of Dr. Frankenstein, increasingly reminiscent of the Earth.

We are witnessing the development of modern mail and disc essays (“postal hell”), the creation of the first rock band (“music of the soul”) or the already mentioned Press and cinematography. To this should be added a magnificent display of the known lands and States-Australia in the eyes of the writer is a crazy island of XXXX, known for its kangaroos and round hats (“the last continent”), filled to the brim with unbalanced philosophers of Ephebia-Ancient Greece, and the Agate Empire with intricate language tests-a picturesque China (“interesting times”).

Under the veil of irony and humorous cynicism, the Creator of the discussed cycle of more and more attacks on contemporary politicians, cynical, xenophobic people,blind ignorance and intolerant deformirovannykh. He does it with enough grace and subtlety, without forgetting about creating an interesting plot, reliable characters, and authentic dialogues with such a brave, translated by Peter Slevin. It should be noted, more and more pessimistic and gloomy shade of the next adventures of the captain Vimesa and his team, and, consequently, and to refuse easy stories with which the first books of a series were famous.

The writer has repeatedly emphasized his interest in modern scientific theories and subjects, Sciences. The release of this Platonic love we find in the decomposed into three volumes of the mini-series “Science of the world disc”. Pratchett references here are groundbreaking ideas with the knowledge of biologist Jack Cohen and mathematics Professor Ian Stewart. These are model examples of books in which science and fiction appear on the same plane. Sometimes it seems that these two distant areas of knowledge are closer to each other than usual.