Day: February 6, 2019

Must-read musician memoirs and biographies

Must-read musician memoirs and biographies

Musical biographies are different-lacquered, sincere, hypocritical… In many cases, it is a collection of scandalous information aimed at the maximum possible sale of the book. Fortunately, there is no shortage of valuable titles that read that sounds known for years take on a whole new meaning and dimension. The most interesting biography was chosen by the writer Michael Bruno.

The most interesting biographies of musicians

The most interesting biographies of musiciansAt the same time, it turns out that the characters of the scenes are also people with blood and bones, targans of doubts and experiencing emotional disagreements. They leave unexpectedly – as recently as David Bowie or the Prince – but what they have left will be remembered, adored and admired for many, many years to come!

Anthology. The Beatles-about themselves – a fascinating journey through the history of the most famous team of all time. Liverpool four with the wedding recalls the times of childhood, growing up, the origins of joint music, trips to the top and the period of ruthless rule in the music business. Everything is served with humor, aloofness, although there are not enough moments full of drama. A must-read!

Hammer of the gods. Saga Of Led Zeppelin – portrait of successive giants, this time arose without the participation and consent of the heroes. A lot of pepper and contradictions, and the content itself figuratively breaks a taboo, is inextricably linked with the life of stars. Book nerve, is as expressive and strong that the band’s music. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll in its purest form!

Lynx – Risek Riedel, lead singer of the Jam and during his lifetime became a legend. His addiction, which only fell victim to this legend grew. We have a certain schizophrenia here – on the one hand, a great artist, a passionate crowd at concerts, on the other – a man completely lost in everyday life, looking for solace in the arms of drugs. The thing is sad and exciting.

Keith Richards – Life

Keith Richards - LifeGuitarist of The Rolling Stones could make his biography for several colleagues in the profession. The story of his career, romance, friendship presented no mercy to anyone, even himself, often enriching the story firmly shameful details. Most of all he got Mick Jagger, not just because of his supposedly unimpressive character.

Jerry Hopkins, Danny Sugerman – No one gets out of here alive. Jim Morrison’s Story – full of dramatic twists and turns is the vocalist’s biography of the legendary the Doors. Jim Morrison is presented as an enfant terrible, philosopher, poet, adventurer, alcoholic and womanizer who has become a mortal victim of his own success. The story of what can lead to the desire for Must-read musician memoirs and biographies freedom and the mournful understanding of its essence. The walking dead.

Danuta Sin, Jacob Aries – Brand. Marek Grechuta in the memoirs of the wife – interview – river. The widow after one of the most prominent characters in the history of Polish music of the twentieth century recalls the close forty-year relationship with Sin, greatly destroying his image of romance, which is entrenched in the public consciousness. The story, full of warmth, love and humor, even when the authors come down on this sad topic, like the sudden disappearance of the son Grechutów and the illness of the artist, which dominated his life in recent years.

Peter Hook – Unknown pleasures. Joy Division from the inside – it turns out that artists associated with music full of depressing content were ordinary, sometimes downright fun-loving people. Over all was worn, however, the shadow of the illness of lead singer Ian Curtis, who every day tried to live life almost as a rock star. However, bassist Joy Division does not idealize the late colleague, still expressing surprise and even regret about his suicide on the eve of his first trip to America.

Carlos Santana – Universal tone. The story of my life

Carlos Santana - Universal tone. The story of my lifeFull of passion autobiography of the legendary Mexican, whose guitar sound knows the whole world. Reading the book makes it clear that two things are important to Santana-love and music. Despite the many twists and turns of life, we get the image of a person experienced in life and on stage, although at the time not free from weakness, as a tendency to drugs, under the influence of which he was noted, in particular, on the stage of the festival in Woodstock.

Lesley-Ann Jones – Freddie Mercury. Biography final – it is difficult to find a more expressive figure on the music scene. A giant charisma, a powerful voice, delicate, friendly nature and passion for the scooter way of life, from which mercury drew without moderation, which ultimately led to his death – all in one. The biography shows the perfectionism of the lead singer Queen, full return to music, as well as the more controversial side of his life, with particular reference to problems with his own sexuality.

David N. Meter – The Bee Gees – another breakthrough stereotype. From the biography we learn that three ever-smiling boys singing sweet, dancing love songs often have to look at conflicts and nałogom, which did not end well for everyone. Described here is an ambitious game between brothers Gibb confirmed the painful truth that the family enters the picture, such as this posted on the cover of the book.

Who is Michael Bruno? Yearbook 1974. Katowickim. A graduate of the political Sciences of the University of Silesia, a lover of good cinema and rock music in the classic version. The author is very well received by critics and readers of the book “James bond. Spy we love ” and ” Lady punk. Unauthorized biography”. Currently working on the story of another legend of the Polish music scene-the group Branch Closed (expected premiere – spring 2017). He works every day at the Silesian Voivodeship In Katowice.